Adina Barbu Nude Photoshoot To Show Off Her Sexy Curves


Here are a few nude photos of Romanian glamour model Adina Barbu at a recent photoshoot for Playboy Romania. Just in case you ever wondered what kinda ass the Yakuza gangsters are pulling these days. These busty topless photos is your answer... Adina Barbu was born in Romania but settled for a long time in Japan where it appears she was the girlfriend of a known member of a Yakuza family. Now she is becoming really famous in her home country and is emerging as a celebrity in the Romanian media. Called the "new Nicoleta Luciu," Adina boast an impressive bust, with silicone implants, sadly it's true, that made her gain newspaper coverage quite quickly. Her boobs might be fake as hell but she really know how to use them. Check out the second to last picture below!

So people are asking how come nobody knew about her until now? The answer is simple and was given by the brunette herself. She told reports her former boyfriend was an extremely dangerous, extremely jealous Japanese mobster and their relationship took place in Japan starting a few years back when she was working as a dancer. A few months ago she went back to Romania to renew her visa, Adina took advantage and decided not to return to Japan. LOL... So she dump her Yakuza boyfriend by jumping on a plane. Now her boobs are the biggest thing in her country since Nicoleta Luciu's boobs. Anyway, if you have ever wanted to talk the girlfriend (she is a runaway but we can be sure he still consider her as his bitch) of a Yakuza mobster her email address is: and I am dead serious. You better be nice... Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Adina Barbu (born 1982 in Braşov, Braşov, Romania) is a Romanian model and dancer who settled for a long time in Japan. It appears she was the girlfriend of a known member of a Yakuza family there.