Gwyneth Paltrow's Breast-Baring Gown

In 2002 fashion's favorite "It" girl at the time, Gwyneth Paltrow made a public misstep when she donned a goth Alexander McQueen dress for the Oscars.

The dress had a very sheer top which showed off her assets, which unfortunately were sagging without any support.

Gwyneth had such confidence in her prowess as a fashionista, she bypassed having a stylist and chose her own clothes. Even if the looks -- like the pink confection she wore for her Oscar win -- worked, the fit was often off. Guide to Psychology Kendra Van Wagner said "Celebrities are surrounded by people who offer near constant approval of their actions, so many develop an exaggerated sense of self and distorted perceptions of reality.

The Designer: Alexander McQueen, fashion's bad boy, said in W "I don't court stars...If people want to wear it and they are passionate about it, then that's good for me."

Fashion Verdict: She's since made her amends, by hiring a stylist.