Kim Kardashian's obese bum

So I was watching an interview with Kim on Conan and realized she's not the sweet, innocent porn star she pretends to be.  She said her requirements for a man are not difficult - he has to have nice lips, a small nose, and about 50 other things which probably included having a bit bank account and being a chubby chaser.  I guess i'm posting this so that she could look in the mirror.  Her ass isn't voluptuous or sex anymore.  It's actually grotesquely obese and disproportionate.   The next time she asks me out, I'm going to tell her one of my requirements in a woman is that's she's in good shape physically and her ass is small enough that she can actually wipe it properly after taking a shit.

It's amazing how people and animals adapt. Please, everyone who has a CAT or KITTEN - please pay close attention to when they're not feeling well. Don't hesitate to take them to the vet if you think something is wrong. Cat's have an amazing way of hiding their pain. Also, avoid feeding your cat cheap dried food, (or even a lot of the more expensive ones), they are bad for male cats and can kill them since they contain toxins which form crystals in their urethra and stops them from urinating. If your cat suddenly looks weak, and is having trouble urinating (you may notice this by them crouching down but nothing coming out), DON'T DELAY, bring them in to the vet.

 about to explode out of this bikini. Seriously, she is very attractive, but don't you guys wonder if her ass would smell if you bent her over for doggystyle? I mean, when it's that big, how do you properly wipe it after taking a particularly messy shit? Not to mention, are there even toilet seats that could accommodate that thing?

I normally don't like big asses, but Kim Kardashian's doesn't look to be ugly when it's nekked. Well this should be a good week. Things still up in the air with the girl but I'm okay with things now. She's a wonderful human being, but for some reason doesn't like expressing herself. I wonder if I used to be the same way. I imagine I was.